14th May 2020

Fresche updates for IBM i products

Fresche updates IBM i products including WebSmart, Presto, X-Analysis and NewLook

Updates released for Fresch Solutions’ IBM i products

Even in the midst of a pandemic, you can’t stop software technology from moving forward.

Our partners Fresche Solutions have been busy releasing updates for a number of their IBM i products. The latest Fresche updates include WebSmart 12.4, Presto 8.5, X-Analysis 13.2, and NewLook 11.

X-Analysis 13.2

X-Analysis’ latest version comes with a whole host of powerful new features.

Enhanced support and functionality in X-Analysis

  • Enhanced support for various SQL techniques, and for RPG Free Format and RPG Fully Free code
  • More detailed ‘Variable Where Used’ traceability
  • Support for long names in tables and in columns
  • Big enhancements in source scan capacity
  • and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about this latest release of X-Analysis, you can register to attend the webinar Fresche are hosting on 21st May here. Ray Everhart, Fresche’s Senior IBM i Analyst & X-Analysis Product Manager will be presenting.

X-Analysis is Fresche’s IBM i analysis and productivity tool, which helps users to understand their IBM i applications and databases through dynamic, interactive documentation. It helps increase IBM i development productivity by providing:

  • Impact analysis
  • Code quality metrics
  • Access to the data model
  • Business rule extraction
  • Reduced testing time, etc.

WebSmart 12.4

With the release of version 12.4, WebSmart users now have access to WebSmart PHP API templates and new WebSmart ILE parameters for SetCookie and Gensmurfid.

WebSmart PHP API template

It’s now easier than ever for developers to maintain database files, and create web services, thanks to the new Page at a Time API template in WebSmart PHP. Compatible with popular front-ends (including Angular), the template gives you built-in logic to list, view, add, change and delete records.

WebSmart ILE parameters

With the recent changes in Google Chrome’s default behaviour for cookie access, a new parameter (addlProps) is now included in the WebSmart ILE SetCookie and Gensmurfid. You are now able to override the default setting for the Cookie SameSite attribute.

Presto 8.5

The latest release of Presto includes a number of exciting new features, including a flyout menu for input fields, new global transformation options, and JMeter support.

Flyout menu for input fields

maximize screen real estate by replacing regular input fields with flyout menus in Presto’s Visual Editor Create menus that appear only when the user hovers over an input field, populated with either static or dynamic data.

Global transformation options

There are now two new options in Presto for applying global transformation to elements:

  • Find first on-screen: to apply the transformation only once per screen, and stop searching when a match is found
  • Find all on-screen: to sequentially search every element in the screen, and apply the transformation to each matching element once.

JMeter support

Load test performance within Presto’s IDE with a JMeter test script.

New SQL queries interface

it easier than ever to work with your SQL queries in Presto’s new SQL query tab interface.

Create page-up and page-down without subfile

You can now create page up and page down buttons – even when there’s no subfile present or subfile detection is disabled.

REST API support

Some of the communication between Presto’s client and server components will now occur via a REST API.

Newlook 11

In a brand-new release of Newlook, version 11 unveils a dramatic re-design, as well as enhancements to the system.


The Newlook Smartclient, deployment tool and Newlook Smartframe templates have had a redesign for the latest release, improving usability, enhancing the Newlook Developer UI and strengthening the integration between Smartframe and Newlook Developer.


Enhancements in Newlook 11 include:

  • Remove browser dependencies, with new Smartframe templates
  • Smartframe preview and debugging improvements
  • It’s now easier to get things done in Developer, thanks to the UI refresh
  • The process of getting your application to users is simplified, with the new Deployment tool
  • Provide support for multilingual applications in Unicode 5250

Get in touch to talk to one of our experts about how the latest updates from Fresche could affect your IBM I applications.

Posted by Zoe on 14th May 2020.