9th December 2019

Innovate and Drive Your CA 2E (Synon) Applications Forward

Fresche Solutions webinar: Learn how to maintain, enhance and evolve your CA 2E (Synon) applications

Returning with another informative and practical webinar are Fresche Solutions‘ Chris Koppe who is the SVP, Transformation & Modernization Services and UK-based Richard Downey, Senior Solutions Architect who will examine how organisations can maintain, enhance and evolve their CA 2E (Synon) application using tools from Fresche such as X-2E Analysis.
For decades, thousands of organisations have used CA 2E (Synon) to rapidly develop applications on IBM i.

Easy to use, CA 2E is stable and has a robust design model, which have provided IBM i users with reliable client experience and strong return on investment.

As the pace of technological innovation has increased and digital transformation becomes ever more critical, there is a growing need to modernize CA 2E environments.

You can register for this webinar session on Wednesday, 11 December at 6pm GMT to learn how you can solve critical challenges by modernizing your Synon applications.  Don’t worry of you can’t attend the session (we appreciate that 6pm UK time can be a little late in the day), register anyway and Fresche will send you a link to the recording.

During the webinar, Koppe and Downey will discuss ways to innovate, improve agility and address skills shortages while preserving your investment.

Between them, they’ll cover:

  • IT strategy and roadmaps
  • Application analysis and documentation
  • Automated application conversion
  • User interface modernisation
  • Application support and staffing.


Posted by Paul on 9th December 2019.