Small manufacturers who want to scale their operations can find it hard to know where to start.

In addition, the systems you need today, as a small-to-medium sized manufacturer, are different to the systems you’ll need in the future. You need room to grow and don’t want to implement a new system now only to have to invest again a few years down the road.

You want to strike a balance between growth and quality improvements, whilst maintaining the flexibility to be responsive to customers who rely on you for short production runs.

With IQMS, you can grow your business at your own pace. The core IQMS ERP system is a scalable, modular solution, so you have the power to add fully integrated features and functionality when you are ready. And IQMS’ core system was designed to be scalable, for manufacturers looking to quickly accelerate growth.

How DPS Skis are facilitating growth with IQMS: 

In 2005 professional skier Stephan Drake teamed up with leading ski engineer Peter Turner to start manufacturing and selling “the world’s most advanced skis”. Thier skis and associated products and sold and shipped worldwide, through their website and in top ski stores, from their base in Utah.

During their first decade in business, Drake & Turner had their products manufactured overseas, but when they wanted to scale and grow as a quality US company, they decided to ‘repatriate’ their manufacturing to Utah, establishing a state-of-the-art facility in January 2013.

In order to really scale their operations whilst continuing to produce the high-quality skis they had become known for, DPS knew they needed to move away from their accounting package and implement a professional, enterprise-level system.

“We’re ready to take on the next phase of growth with IQMS, who frees us up from the constraints of QuickBooks and provides enterprise-level real-time inventory, order entry and fulfilment”

How small-to-medium-sized manufacturers can scale with IQMS

IQMS provides SME manufacturers with the tools to scale. IQMS core solution offers everything you need to start your growth journey, and the modular framework means that features and functionality can be added as growth goals are hit. By implementing IQMS now, you’re setting yourself up for uninterrupted growth down the road.

IQMS’ core functionality for SME manufacturers covers the four key parts of the manufacturing process:

  • Order Processing

IQMS’ Forecasting and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) modules mean that manufacturers can rely on IQMS for order planning, so the journey from received sales order to generated work order is completed with the minimum of fuss.

  • Scheduling

IQMS’ Production Scheduling module allows you to quickly and easily schedule production, without having to manually check work centre performance & availability or calculate dates for incoming material & planned shipping.

  • Production

The Quality module in IQMS ensures a consistently high quality of goods being produced, so you have quality assurance baked in.

The Real-Time Production Monitoring module gathers shopfloor data, so everyone always has access to the information they need, when they need it.

These modules work together to bring the execution and measurement of results into alignment.

  • Shiping

IQMS also makes shipping easy, with functionality for:

  • Generating pick ticket & packing slips
  • Streamlining picking & packing
  • Scanning barcoded pallets in the shipping dock staging area
  • Generating invoices

For small-to-medium-sized manufacturers, investment in growth can be a daunting prospect. You need a core manufacturing package that will suit your needs now, helping you to achieve short-term goals of improving efficiency and quality, whilst being robust enough to scale with you when you are ready to grow operations.

This whitepaper from IQMS outlines some of the ways its core manufacturing package is perfectly suited to the needs of SME manufacturers.


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