HA4i from Shield Advanced Solutions delivers IBM i High Availability you can depend on with minimum management

Easy to install and configure, HA4i provides excellent return on investment. Key features include database file, object and IFS replication functionality.

A premium High Availability solution for the IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i), HA4i by Shield Advanced Solutions delivers a flexible application that is easy to install and configure. HA4i provides excellent return on investment.

Using remote Journal technology HA4i enables you to replicate your business critical system data and objects between systems.

Constantly evolving with new features and functionality, HA4i has been installed in many high profile and demanding IBM i environments. Licensing is IBM CPU tier based. There is no additional cost for extra LPARs or CPU activations where they stay within the same CPU tier.

Implementation, configuration and management of HA4i is easy. Packaged as an IBM LPP, installation and management uses the same IBM commands you use for installing and maintaining the IBM OS. Simply download the base application and use the RSTLICPGM command to install and configure the product. Updates are provided as packaged PTFs.

HA4i requires IBM i OS V6R1 and upwards. You will need to ensure suitable network connection between the source and target systems. Journaling for both object and database replication will also need to enabled. If journaling is not enabled, you will need sufficient resources to support the journaling processes.

Key features

Database file replication

HA4i uses its own apply process using the remote journal technology as the intersystem transport, applying entries to a remote database proprietary technology.

Object replication

Object replication is triggered using the QAUDJRN in HA4i. Once entries are placed into the journal receiver, they are read and if necessary a replication request is placed in the replication queue ensuring the replication process only replicates the latest copy of an object – removing duplication of effort. Covers most object types, includes DLO and System Value replication.

IFS replication

IFS replication can be achieved using the QAUDJRN or user journal processes. Object replication processes will automatically filter out any requests for those objects which are also being replicated using the user journal configured to HA4i.


A vital component of a high availability solution, providing extra functionality to the process. HA4i gives you automated repair capabilities and improved object audits. Profile Replication via IBM exit points. All passwords synced and encrypted.


With a number of in-built tools, HA4i eases the burden of managing the application. Configure automatic processes at set frequencies to monitor the application and check that remote journal links are active. Any number of users can be notified of problems by email, even if they are rectified. A colour-coded dashboard gives an instant visual overview.

Web interface

Control HA4i entirely using the standard UIM interface, or use the web-based GUI which is developed in PHP. Access to the interface is controlled and secured using the IBM i sign on.

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