Delivering production schedule optimisation for process and complex manufacturing operations

It’s a fact of life that manufacturers who mix, blend, brew, cook, react, or distill face different scheduling challenges from those in other industries—challenges that aren’t met by conventional ERP planning software or assembly-based scheduling systems.

Infor Advanced Scheduling operates alongside other Infor ERP solutions, your bespoke ERP systems as well as a host of third-party ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle and QAD.

“We have seen some profound benefits throughout the phased implementation. In the case of inventory planning we have already increased our service levels from 91% to 96%. In addition we have reduced our stockholding of finished goods by approximately 20%, a financial saving of over £2m”

Head of Supply Chain, AB World Foods

Infor Advanced Scheduling is a sophisticated, constraint-based scheduling solution that addresses these differences, including the real-world challenges of managing the capacity of vessels, tanks and production lines — and the flow of product between them.

Infor Advanced Scheduling combines constraint-led logic with powerful optimisation to simultaneously schedule all operations across all your production lines. Advanced Scheduling can include any interdependencies you may have in your process manufacturing production processes to deliver a completely synchronised schedule right down to the minute.

Unlike conventional ERP planning software or assembly-based scheduling systems, Infor Advanced Scheduling enables food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and consumer goods manufacturers to deal with recipes, by-products, co-products and yield losses more efficiently.

“We needed a solution which is able to serve the unique process and functional requirements of the beverage industry, including tank-scheduling capabilities, finite capacity constraints, limited shelf life and large production volumes”

VP Supply Chain, AB-InBev

Why Infor Advanced Scheduling?

  • Realistic and feasible production scheduling
  • Made to stock and made to order process management
  • Optimised and constrained by capacity, tools, materials and labour
  • Optimum production sequencing minimising unproductive time
  • Management of volume constrained resources, including tanks and vessels
  • Command of both continuous and batch flow environments
  • Increase process manufacturing efficiencies and reduce waste
  • Intuitive, graphical interactive Gantt chart with intelligent signalling
  • Manage shelf-life and maturation times
  • Co-exists with any ERP system providing advanced shop floor scheduling.

Customers who have implemented Infor Advanced Scheduling have benefited from improvements to their bottom-line, including increased on-time delivery performance, reduced lost time due to changeovers, reduced production costs and increased capacity utilisation.

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