Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for Manufacturers: Infor LX and BPCS

Proximity is the only accredited Infor LX and BPCS Partner in the UK and Ireland as well as Partner of choice for managed services , including hosting, for IBM i based solutions across all release levels ranging from BPCS V2 through to the latest release of Infor LX… and beyond.

We also support a number of organisations with their Infor ERP requirements across Europe.

Proximity has over 30 years of experience in implementing and integrating new and existing Infor ERP solutions for manufacturers in the food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, automotive, process, discrete and mixed-mode manufacturing industries.

Our Infor ERP team can help organisations meet the challenge of better managed production, improving operational efficiency, driving growth, reducing risk, meeting customer demand and satisfying regulatory requirements.

Proximity adds value to your organisation through continuity and a deep understanding of your manufacturing needs. Our experienced consultants implement and integrate enterprise solutions, support the optimisation of business processes, manage projects as well as providing strategic business consulting services.

We have been able to develop long-standing relationships with our customer base which demonstrates our ability to offer complete solutions for new and existing clients and deliver comprehensive implementation, development, enhancement and ongoing support services.

Organisations can choose from a selection of deployment options to reduce the total cost of ownership and risk by opting to run their Infor system as a Managed Service either on premise or offsite.

Infor LX / BPCS Managed Services and Support

It is vital your business critical applications and infrastructure are properly managed. Our Managed Services and Support ensures your Infor LX and BPCS applications are managed effectively, efficiently and aligned to your business objectives. Whether on premise, hosted or via the cloud our range of enterprise-level managed services and support have been designed specifically to support Infor LX and BPCS applications, regardless of industry sector or business size.

Proximity delivers guaranteed service levels, strict business continuity guidelines and a platform from which to give your organisation greater agility:

  • New implementations of LX
  • Upgrades and enhancements to BPCS and LX
  • Migration of third party applications to LX
  • Integrating LX or BPCS with complementary solutions
  • Upgrading BPCS to LX
  • Support and Helpdesk Management
  • Remote Systems Management
  • IBM i infrastructure configuration, operations and management
  • EDI implementation and management data management
  • Training

Infor LX and Infor BPCS Integrations

Stream: Collaborative Web-based Sales Order Management for Infor LX and Infor BPCS

You can enhance your existing Infor LX or Infor BPCS ERP with collaborative web-based sales order management by integrating with STREAM.

Cloud-based or on-premise, STREAM uses the existing data and business logic from your Infor BPCS or LX application and extends it to deliver intuitive sales order management via web, tablet or mobile device.

Integrating with STREAM can deliver the following benefits to your internal users, employees on the road and customers:

Empower customers: Customers can enter, view and manage their own orders through a web-based self-service customer portal, delivering accurate and up-to-date information.

Improve speed and quality: Single point of data entry with efficient user interface, spreadsheet import and real-time validation means faster and more accurate order entry, management and processing.

Improve customer interaction: Proactive notifications, excellent communications and access to information mean fewer calls to customer services as well as happier customers leading to more repeat business.

Efficient customer services: A complete view of orders and excellent search functionality enabling customer service staff to resolve any queries quickly and accurately with no call-back or hunt for information.

Available wherever you are: Functionality is optimised for mobile or tablet use wherever needed: on the road, at customer premises, in the warehouse or the showroom.
STREAM is highly configurable and also has the capability to provide delivery and transport management functionality. Fast and affordable to implement, STREAM gives you control, visibility and real-time intelligence on your orders and logistics.

For a free consultation on your Infor BPCS and LX requirements please contact us now.

EZ-banking Enterprise: Streamline Your Infor LX and Infor BPCS Bank Processing

EZ-Banking Enterprise is a web-based application, specifically written for Infor LX and Infor BPCS.

A powerful tool for processing banking receipts and payments, EZ-Banking integrates seamlessly with your Infor LX and BPCS solution to streamline your bank processing operations.

Developed by EZ-Software, the application delivers flexible and comprehensive functionality to both large and small organisations who manage their own bank accounts.

If you are manually instructing your bank to pay your invoices and then marking those invoices as being paid in your Infor ERP and then entering the same information for a third time when the bank statement arrives, EZ-Banking provides the functionality to ease that administrative burden.

EZ-Banking is available in English, German, French and Spanish giving you the opportunity to transact seamlessly with both local and international banks:

  • Manual posting of bank documents
  • Bank statement entries
  • Electronic payments to national and international banks
  • Processing cheques and bills
  • Automatic bank transaction entries
  • Powerful reporting.

With EZ-Banking, you can also meet country-specific banking requirements in regions such as southern Europe and Scandinavia.

EZ-Banking Enterprise is a modular application meaning you only need to purchase the functionality that you require.

Electronic payments for both domestic and foreign suppliers via internal and external banks.

Direct Debit payments collected automatically from customers.

Automatic reconciliation of transaction files that are sent by your bank.

Remittance functionality to enable electronic debit runs by selecting a number of customer invoices by due date, payment type, customer, etc.

Manual posting of bank documents.

Electronic confirmations to approve remittances issued by the supplier and collected by the bank of the supplier.

EZ-Banking Enterprise also integrates with Infor System 21 ERP systems.

To discuss EZ-Banking Enterprise for your Infor LX, Infor BPCS or System 21 ERP please contact us now.

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