Reduce the time spent performing key Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes

Infor Optiva is a best-in-class product lifecycle management (PLM) solution designed specifically for process manufacturers.

Simply meeting demand is not enough in competitive global markets. In order to bring new products to the market, grow revenue and compete with other manufacturers, you need tools to enable you to accelerate product development cycle times, while at the same time ensure you comply with all regulations in each country.

Seamlessly integrating with you existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, including SAP, Infor Optiva PLM helps you to meet these challenges by providing a cohesive platform with a single product record for unifying all data and processes across your entire organisation, regardless of how complex or dispersed.

With over 30 years PLM experience, Infor is widely recognised as a market leader in developing PLM solutions for process manufacturers. Infor Optiva delivers deep functionality specifically for food, beverage, chemical or life science manufacturers including formulation modelling and least-cost formulation.

“The solution is specifically tailored to process manufacturing, and the latest version has been so well adapted that it fits in perfectly with the way we work. Since all of our product developers can see previously used ingredients in Infor Optiva, our time to market is drastically reduced.”

Head of IT Processes and Service Management PLM, Henkel AG & Co

Why Infor Optiva PLM?

  • Promotes collaboration across your organisation to deliver faster (and better) innovation
  • Improve visibility across the enterprise to significantly reduce the time spent on new product development and introduction (NPDI)
  • User interface delivers flexible, east-to-use environment that promotes productivity
  • Reduce costs and improve quality and compliance by improving materials and enablement processes
  • Simplify new material and rationalisation processes
  • Meet target product specifications at the lowest cost while meeting compliance requirements via via formulas, recipes, packaging, finished goods, application, and at-home recipe simulation and modeling capabilities
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system, including SAP.

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