Debit & Credit Management Easy

A vital component in managing a healthy balance sheet, IQMS accounts receivable module provides manufacturers with a powerful, intuitive debit and credit posting solution for managing your customer receivable records.

Functionality includes customer maintenance, invoicing, cash receipts and account status, which includes agings, collection letters and reports amongst others.


EnterpriseIQ financial management modules makes the process of generating invoices quick, easy and accurate.

IQMS enables you to create invoices with an unlimited number of line items for finished products, raw materials and miscellaneous items where appropriate such as tool repair. Once you have generated an invoice, IQMS’ extensive reporting and analysis tools enable you to track payment history for each invoice as it proceeds through your accounting process.

Flexible invoice generation processes throughout EnterpriseIQ enables a wide range of both automatic and manual invoicing options and functions including:

  • Generate invoices from previously uninvoiced shipments, orders that have been partially invoiced, orders, vendor-managed shipments, plus miscellaneous items
  • Generate invoices directly from sales orders, including previously uninvoiced items, using IQMS’ quick invoice feature
  • Create free form / miscellaneous invoice items that are not a part of a shipment, including credit memos
  • Modify standard pricing and create price break options with IQMS flexible pricing scenarios
  • Invoices can be emailed automatically to specific customer contacts, I.E. Those in accounts/finance
  • Commission management functionality marries up sales person(s) and percentage commission to the specific customer or an item in the invoice
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality highlights any invoice activity, including invoice register, sales analysis, accounts receivable detail and summary aging and unposted invoices amongst others
  • Move towards a paperless organisation with the option to send invoices electronically to designated contacts immediately.

Account status & management

View and monitor a specific customer account status using IQMS’ financial management reports or drill down into additional fulfillment and billing details on screen. You can get instant access your customer’s current status as well as account aging information, including visibility of credit limit, credit hold, account balance, amount open to buy, total amount past due and open items amongst others.

  • Intuitive sales analysis reporting summarises the invoice activity for each customer by both general ledger year and period
  • Customer ledger inquiry features enables you to quickly view a complete history of all transactions made against a specific customer including the payment activity associated with each invoice, for example date of cheque, date of deposit, amount applied, etc.
  • Comprehensive credit management functionality includes credit limit calculations, automatic dunning letters and alerts for any credit violations.

Cash management

Access a complete history of all cash receipts and general ledger entries with either detail or summary postings for each and every transaction.

  • Includes both electronic deposit and credit card processing functionality
  • Apply receipts to a specific invoice, shipping note and open account, or alternatively apply as ‘on account’ for overpayments, pre-paid deposits, miscellaneous adjustments, etc.
  • Flexibility to distribute cash receipts over multiple invoices and multiple customers if required
  • Make last minute corrections, edits, additions and deletions with pre-post batch review.

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