Warehouse management for manufacturers: minimise handling costs & optimise warehouse efficiency

Holding lots of stock and inventory can be expensive.

Part of the IQMS EnterpriseIQ solution, the warehouse management system enables manufacturers to reduce handling costs, increase the efficiency of their warehouse operations and meet the needs of their customers:

  • Increase the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment
  • Eliminate the errors associated with shipping and handling received items
  • Reduce under utilised inventory costs
  • Optimise the movement of finished products, work in progress and raw materials
  • Reduce ‘dead-head’ time in the warehouse

IQMS’ warehouse management system provides basic product picking and inventory management to advanced Tier One WMS functionality including rule-based pick and putaway, work order staging, wave planning, palletising, plus much more.

Sector-Leading Warehouse Management Features

  • Products staged and stored according to turnover speed
  • Schedule picking, putaways, order staging, dock and container management and many more – all dynamically and in real-time
  • Warehouse management module seamlessly integrates with other ERP modules including EDI, financial management, order management, fulfillment and shipping
  • Supports multiple picking techniques including configurable interleaving, WAVE picking and planning and rules-based directed picking (including FIFO, FEFO, LIFO)
  • Supports multiple package and inventory types, plus configuration putaway rules including kitting, purchased, manufactured, eaches, cases and pallets
  • Supports milk run planning
  • Shelf life management enables you to track expirations and automatically identify non-conforming inventory
  • Industry standard barcodes supported including 2D symbology
  • Use hand held scanners, computers, tablets and smartphones to carryout transactions and track activity


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