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DataCapture DNA

All scanners from Zebra have DataCapture DNA software built-in. DataCapture DNA makes deploying, monitoring and maintaining scanners effortless. Whichever type of scanner you use in your business, Zebra’s DataCapture DNA simplifies the whole process, with:

Productivity tools

Advanced productivity features let you make the most of every moment. You can scan multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull, scan faster, further & smarter, and eliminate interference from WiFi.

  • Przm intelligent imaging
  • Multi-code data formatting
  • Preferred symbol
  • WiFi-friendly mode
  • Intelligent document capture

Visibility tools

Improve performance and TCO with advanced insight and foresight from Zebra. With remote troubleshooting, device setup validation, productivity metrics in real-time, you can quickly and easily to analyse throughput trends to make decisions.

  • ScanSpeed analytics
  • Remote diagnostics

Management tools

Simplify the deployment and maintenance of your scanner fleets, with easy configuration, set-it-and-forget-it remote management and battery analytics for full-shift uptime.

  • 123Scan
  • Remote management
  • PowerPrecision+

App development tools

App development and integration can be fast, simple and smooth. Pair scanners with mobile devices in a single step, control Zebra cordless scanners from any mobile device and speed up & simplify mobile add development.

  • Software development kits
  • Scan-to-connect
  • Scanner control application

Barcode scanners from Zebra

Zebra’s scanners are fast, reliable and durable. With a range of scanners to fit any environment – from point of sale to patient’s bedside, or production line to warehouse – Zebra will have the perfect scanner for your workforce. Find the best scanner, purpose-built to make workers across sectors and roles even more effective.

General purpose scanners

Zebra has a wide and versatile range of scanners, fit for any purpose, whether that’s in retail, healthcare, manufacturing or supply chain. With hands-free, counter, and handheld scanners, your workers can easily, quickly and accurately capture barcodes.

Ultra-rugged barcode scanners

Zebra produces the industry’s only range of ultra-rugged barcode scanners. Made for intensive, industrial environments, Zebra’s ultra-rugged scanners are built to last in the toughest of conditions. Ultra-rugged scanners set new standards for durability, performance and manageability.

Rugged scanners

Zebra’s rugged scanners were built to withstand the heaviest use and harshest conditions. Working faster, longer and harder than other scanners, ruggedised scanners can give your workforce unstoppable performance across warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Multi-plane scanners

Built for busy, point-of-sale retail locations, multi-plane scanners and a queue-busting essential. Designed with speed and accuracy in mind, Zebra’s multi-plane barcode scanners have a powerful bioptic imager, which can quickly read barcodes on paper, phone screens or loyalty cards.

Healthcare scanners

Accuracy is of the utmost importance in the healthcare sector. Zebra’s barcode scanners help healthcare workers to prevent errors, improve patient care and work faster. Approved for use in the healthcare industry, Zebra scanners are fast, accurate and easy-to-use.

Portable & companion barcode scanners

Companion scanners from Zebra combine super compact size with high-quality scanning. Companion barcode scanners can be used as standalone scanners, or easily paired with tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Fixed mount barcode scanners

For high-volume, hands-free scanning, Zebra’s MiniScan family of fixed mount barcode scanners is the perfect solution. With fast, superior, and handsfree 1D/2D scanning, they have a tiny footprint, to fit in the smallest spaces.

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