Ruggedised, enterprise-level devices perfectly suited to the healthcare sector

In healthcare, it is vitally important that every patient gets the right care at the right time.

Connecting medical practitioners to patient records, colleagues and caregivers, allows the healthcare sector to offer the best care, and the best outcomes for patients.

Zebra is able to offer a range of devices and solutions perfectly suited to healthcare, from wristband and label printers to scanners, mobile computers and secure software.

Patient identity management accuracy is absolutely crucial when matching patients to their records, medications and specimens. With zebra’s patient identity management solutions, you are able to give the right care to the right patient, every time.

Healthcare mobility supports instant connection, collaboration and communication between healthcare practitioners with zebra’s mobile devices.

Healthcare business intelligence and analytics get real-time visibility into every aspect of healthcare organisations, by using Zebra Solutions to effectively identify, track, locate and monitor the condition of every patient, asset and member of staff.

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