Ruggedised, enterprise-level device perfectly suited to manufacturing environments

Manufacturers need to be able to efficiently meet customer demand, and move ahead of their competitors.

Many of Zebra’s solutions have been built specifically to be suited to manufacturing.

Every aspect of manufacturing operations, from plant floor to field operations, and warehouse environments, can become more connected and increase productivity with the right ruggedised hardware from Zebra.

Plant Floor – Get real-time visibility over your plant floor with Zebra’s solutions. Rugged handheld devices, scanners and printers help manufacturers to achieve more lean and agile processes.

Field Operations – Give your manufacturing team the information they need in real time, by connecting them with field associates, customers, goods, and assets, via Zebra’s ruggedised, connected devices.

Warehouse – A truly integrated supply chain operation connects manufacturing to the warehouse, so management can make informed decisions, using real-time data. By giving warehouse operatives in receiving, picking, staging and loading the enterprise hardware solutions they need, you can create an agile, optimised and compliant manufacturing warehouse.

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