Replace Windows CE handheld devices with Android devices from Zebra

Is your business at risk because support for Windows Embedded CE handheld devices is ending?

Carried by delivery drivers, warehouse workers, machine operators and retail staff , handheld devices are used to manage inventory, process orders, check stock items and capture electronic Proof of Delivery. 

With millions of rugged handheld devices running on legacy Windows CE operating systems, many businesses are developing their OS Migration Strategy to ensure their mobile workforces are not effected. 

If you are one of the many businesses operating Windows-based rugged handheld devices today, then you will need to find an alternative OS (and upgrade to new devices) before Microsoft support ends for all Embedded CE operating systems in 2020:

  • April 2018: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 extended support ended
  • July 2019: extended support for Windows Embedded 8.1 handheld will finish 
  • January 2020: Windows Embedded handheld 6.5 extended support will end.

So that you can take full advantage of the ‘Workforce Mobility Revolution’ it is vitally important to migrate your mobile Apps and legacy operating systems to modern platforms. Migrating from Windows CE to a modern mobility platform, such as Android delivers a host of benefits including:

  • Transforming inefficient workflows and processes
  • Boosting productivity
  • Enhancing employee and customer experiences
  • Lowering your IT administrative costs
  • Better performing and more intuitive applications, which deliver a better user experience
  • Delivering real competitive advantage and increased ROI.

Migrating from one platform to another is no easy task. You will inevitably have a number of interdependent mobile applications running on different operating systems and devices. However, with the utilities and technologies available in the market today, app migration does not need to be a long and expensive process.

Terminal Emulation & Windows CE migration

Terminal emulation still remains the most implemented application deployed on ruggedised mobile devices, including those provided by Zebra. Terminal emulation is fast – and incredibly reliable.

As well as partnering with Zebra, Proximity can also provide terminal emulation software as part of your Windows CE migration strategy through StayLinked and Ivanti who provide the leading solutions for transforming green screen applications for Android devices.

  • StayLinked SmartTE and StayLinked iQ: provides risk-free terminal emulation and server / mobile data monitoring for Android rugged devices (as well as iOS devices)
  • Ivanti Velocity (powered by Wavelink): enables businesses to move existing telnet and web apps to Android – all in a matter of minutes. Ivanti Velocity ships ready installed on a number of Zebra devices.

Resources to help develop your Windows CE replacement strategy

Determining a clear migration strategy and plan to reduce time, cost and risk is very important. Organisations must assess current applications, for example your ERP software or warehouse management system; decide the migration goals for each application; choose the new operating system for each app; and determine the migration approach.

Zebra has developed a wide range of resources which you will find useful to develop your Windows CE replacement strategy, including:

Making the business case for a mobility asset refresh & Assessing your mobile asset inventory: worksheets

Ensuring you can get buy-in from senior management can be on the major hurdles for any OS and technology refresh strategy. This worksheet helps you to construct a compelling business case in five logical steps.

Understanding (and documenting) your current mobile asset inventory is the second worksheet in the bundle will help you with the next stage in the process: answering the ‘where are we now?’ question so you can establish which areas of your business will be impacted most and which areas to prioritise during any rollout.

Download and use the worksheets

Key considerations when choosing a modern mobile operating system

So you’ve decided to replace Windows CE to a new mobile operating system. What now? In this whitepaper, Zebra explore the essential components required to deliver long-term operational success including security, App procurement, web-based applications, licencing, provisioning handheld devices and choosing the right device.

Download and learn more

Migrating Legacy Enterprise Mobile Applications: getting it right means everything

Whitepaper produced by Zebra examining the cost of waiting until all Windows embedded versions have reached end of service before migrating operating system.

Download and learn more


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