Ruggedised, enterprise-level devices perfectly suited to the transportation & logistics industry

Improve visibility throughout your transport and logistics operation by equipping drivers and warehouse operatives with rugged hardware that meets their needs.

Today, the transportation and logistics sector is under more pressure than ever. Facing complex compliance issues, staff shortages and an expectation from customers for instant service and information, the demands on logistics professionals are high.

Using Zebra Devices gives you greater visibility into every aspect of logistics operations, helping to to make more informed decisions about delivery and fulfilment.

Zebra’s hardware and devices are perfect for fleets making deliveries and collections in their own vehicles.

From ruggedised Android touch mobile computers and tablets with Zebra features (like inbuilt scanners and security features) to take them to enterprise-level devices; to toughened mobile printers that allow your team to produce barcode labels on the go; Zebra offer solutions that perfectly meet the needs of the transport and logistics sector.

Used in combination with Stream logistics, delivery and fleet management software, drivers are able to increase productivity with Zebra devices.

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