Ruggedised, enterprise-level devices perfectly suited to the warehouse environment

Making sure that your supply chain is productive, profitable, connected and compliant is a crucial part of warehouse management.

Using Zebra’s ruggedised mobile solutions for scanning, printing and computing enables you to properly integrate every operational area of your warehouse, for increased agility and efficiency.

Receiving –  Reconcile packing slips, increase visibility with suppliers and quickly sort and put away inbound materials.

Put- away & replenishment – You can use Zebra’s solutions to make sure that receivables are always in the best location possible, to eliminate lost sales, analyse inventory turn and make picking more efficient.

Inventory & materials – Improve productivity and cycle count efficiency, by ensuring that you’re always aware of the current status and location of every asset,
thanks to real-time information via handheld scanners and devices.

Pickings-  Zebra’s multi-modal, voice-directed technology can increase accuracy and productivity by streamlining the picking process.

Packing & Staging – Use Zebra scanners to packers a hands-free environment, and keep that line moving.

Cross Dockings – Make your delivery offering faster and more efficient by using Zebra devices to ensure packages are always in the correct vehicle, in the correct order.

Shipping –  Improve accuracy and optimise processes by eliminating manual loading verification, with Zebra’s devices.

Reverse logistics – Track returns back through the supply chain to quickly and efficiently receive, resolve and re-stock.

Cold chain management – Zebra’s freezer-compliant solutions allow you to operate in extreme temperatures.

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