Giving you a graphical view into the performance of your shop floor. In real-time

Your shop floor is, quite literally, where you make your money.

Having the ability to monitor, control and manage what’s happening in that moment on your shop floor helps you to:

  • Reduce errors in production and increase throughput
  • Reduce part lead times
  • Increase productivity across single and global, multi-plant manufacturing operations
  • Improve quality compliance.

By giving your shop floor operatives access to work orders via standard PCs; tablet or smartphone; or DELMIAWORKS’ own manufactured RTStation touch-screen technology, shop floor data helps you gain better control over your manufacturing data – and performance.

Operatives can log into any particular work order on the shop floor and view production data, monitor performance, enter statistical process control (SPC) data, access documents, print labels and preventative maintenance work orders amongst others.

All manufacturing, production and inventory information is displayed in easy-to-view, full-screen displays.

Designed for fast and accurate display and entry, large controls such as number pads and drop-down lists can be used at the touch of a finger or with the click of a mouse.

Don’t let a lack of real-time production data cause you to lose control of your shop floor

  • Machine monitoring continually measures & tracks production data
  • Track parts as they’re being made and applied to shop orders
  • Continually update DELMIAWORKS (and other ERP systems) with schedule details, finished product counts and more
  • Improved machine management brings significant efficiency, visibility & productivity gains.
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Making sure your factory floor doesn't exist in splendid isolation

What will a manufacturing execution system (or MES for short) do for you?

DELMIAWORKS will monitor and manage your operations and the work-in-progress on your shop floor. It will ensure two-way data transfer between your machines and your manufacturing software so you can keep an eye on your plant activities.

Manufacturing execution can deliver big savings. ROI is typically between 6-18 months, with the majority of manufacturers reporting less than a year. DELMIAWORKS users have reported over 12.5 hours saving in scheduling per week and just short of 11% savings in machine cycle times. Scrap reduction is typically 10-30% while productivity improvements are between 5-1o%.

In a nutshell, DELMIAWORKS helps you make more money on your shop floor.



Production Monitoring & Shop Floor Control in Real-time

Track every aspect of your manufacturing operations in real-time as parts are being made and applied to the shop orders. Data collected automatically updates DELMIAWORKS with vital, business-critical information on finished product counts, part quality data and more.



When combined with the process monitoring, this gives you unprecedented real-time visibility into every aspect of your entire manufacturing operation and supply chain.

  • Improve manufacturing productivity, efficiency and quality with hands-off data capture, plus real-time analysis of both machine and process performance data
  • Improve data accuracy and integrity as redundant data entry and batch interfaces are eliminated
  • Improve customer relationships as everyone in the supply chain has visibility of the same production information
  • Elimination of unnecessary downtime as production and maintenance issues are identified before they become a problem
  • Reduced production monitoring expenses as costly and cumbersome third-party integrations are eliminated.


“We had nothing to show us what machines were running, and at what level of quality and productivity. Once we saw real-time production monitoring in action, it was something we had to have. Information now flows immediately across every layer of our business, and we are able to see specifics we never knew were there before. It’s like going from a black and white television to high-definition”.

Monitor Machine Performance & Drive Industry 4.0 Initiatives

Gather machine performance and process data at the enterprise level in real-time without the need for costly and cumbersome third-party, SCADA or other batch software integration.

DELMIAWORKS communicates directly with planning, scheduling and inventory management, plus enables machine-to-machine interaction to drive even greater operational efficiency.

  • Increase accuracy by reducing the errors associated with human interaction
  • Improve product quality and reduce costs associated with defects, rejects, products returns and rework
  • Control manufacturing processes before they become costly problems with actionable intelligence
  • Focus on finding process exceptions before parts deviate from control and / or specification limits
  • Predictive performance modelling means you can more effectively use resources.

Manufacturing performance and measurement parameters can be defined and captured at the item, tool and machine level, giving you the flexibility to gather unique, job-specific data to identify and rectify poor functioning equipment.

“The immediacy of process monitoring forces a discipline in our plants that did not exist before. Process monitoring on the shop floor makes our operators think like business owners. Instead of recording production data on paper to be seen in a week or a month’s time, our operators now know what they do on the shop floor will be seen the second it happens. This motivates people to understand the impact of their actions and as a result to work better, smarter, more productively”.

Increasing the Efficiency of your Manufacturing Operation

The key to manufacturing efficiency? Ensuring the ability to optimise throughput while ensuring you can produce quality products – at the same time as maximising equipment efficiency.

With DELMIAWORKS, real-time shop floor data flows automatically  into a simple, intuitive presentation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) factors:

  • Increasing efficiency and manufacturing productivity on the plant floor
  • Eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Responding instantly to changes in performance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reducing direct and indirect costs associated with poorly functioning equipment, low quality parts and excess waste.

Already Running ERP software? No problems.

Whether you are running SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle or other leading ERP software system, you can still gain production floor visibility by integrating DELMIAWORKS manufacturing execution so you can manage planned versus actual production, increase capacity utilisation and reduce manufacturing costs.

DELMIAWORKS manufacturing execution has been designed and developed to meet the unique manufacturing requirements of your particular sector. DELMIAWORKS has a robust integration layer to ensure data from your existing corporate ERP systems maps to the manufacturing execution system in real-time, seamlessly.

  • Two-way communication between ERP and MES to optimise shop floor operations
  • Holistic view of supply chain, manufacturing planning, finance, quality management and operations
  • Visibility and transparency so you can make better business decisions
  • Real-time data on sales orders, consumption, availability and work in progress
  • Reduced downtime and increased work centre productivity
  • React immediately to what is happening on your shop floor
  • Improve inventory management and cycle times
  • Reduce production errors and rejects.
  • Improve quality – and deliver audits in less time.

  • Real-Time Machine & Production Monitoring
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Exception Alerts
  • Real-Time Process Monitoring
  • RTStation HMI Device
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Light and Machine Interface Unit
  • Wireless Machine Monitoring
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Tooling Management
  • Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturing execution. All in real-time with DELMIAWORKS

It’s all well and good using your ERP system to plan your manufacturing, but what’s actually happening on your factory floor? Manufacturers are using DELMIAWORKS manufacturing execution get exactly that – all in real-time. Take a look at the case studies below to find out more.

DELMIAWORKS ERP System Holmgren Plast DELMIAWORKS ERP System Flambeau DELMIAWORKS ERP System Glazpart DELMIAWORKS ERP System Mergon

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