Why compromise with a manufacturing ERP system that lacks the features, functionality and modules that your business needs to be competitive?

Two ERP systems may have the exact same list of functionality, but behave entirely differently depending on the industry-sector they are applied to.

A Bill of Materials module designed for repetitive or engineer-to-order is of little use to a process or made-to-order manufacturer for instance.

Purpose built to meet the needs of manufacturers across a wide range of mid-market process and discrete industries, Proximity delivers ERP software through DELMIAWORKS which minimises the need for costly customisation and takes advantage of continuous innovation so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Regardless of the size of your manufacturing operation, we have the right ERP and MES systems for your business. From large-scale, enterprise-level implementations to small business ERP, Proximity has the specialist knowledge, expertise and software options to help your business accelerate growth.

Specialist Manufacturing ERP functionality

  • Designed specifically for discrete & batch process manufacturers
  • ‘Born on the shop floor’ delivering a complete manufacturing and shop floor planning system
  • Provides you with all the tools to manage production across one facility or multiple plants
  • Make decisions instantly based on your complete production environment
  • Scheduler identifies the best start time for each job and any constraints that may affect delivery
  • Proximity has the specialist knowledge & expertise to help your business accelerate growth.
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Born on the shop floor 

Whether it’s plastic injection moulding, metal stamping or assembling manufactured parts, you need modules within your ERP system which give you greater visibility on what’s happening on the plant floor – and helps you increase manufacturing efficiency.

DELMIAWORKS was literally born on the shop floor.

It provides you with the tools to better control and manage costs and production processes, improve product quality, and so much more.

Define BOMs by manufacturing operation or process

DELMIAWORKS’ Bill of Materials (BOM), or Bill of Manufacture as we often refer to it, is defined by your own particular manufacturing process or operation. The modules graphical representation shows the part numbers and the resulting relationship between packaging, inserted components and secondary operations as well as tooling requirements, process notes and instructions.

  • BOM module supports multiple manufacturing type definitions, each with their own unique elements which complement your manufacturing methodology
  • BOM and the Production Routing are brought together into one, single system
  • Flexible to enable you to build an unlimited number of multi-level bills for component pieces, plus alternate and substitute BOM routings
  • Blend technology built in to the module to handle recipe management
  • Supports management and scheduling of ‘pre-operations’, including blending or pre-processing
  • Bill of material automatically feeds the work order to be scheduled on a work centre, meaning materials, assembly and scheduling are generated with extreme accuracy
  • Each manufacturing configuration can consume any internal or external operations, labour, overheads and unlimited materials
  • Define as many operations as required including the use of external vendors and any additional manufacturing standards
  • Outsourcing BOM is linked to each supplier so you can easily monitor external operations
  • Job traveller facility supports both internal and external documents and instructions
  • Flexible units of measure automatically converts material quantities
  • Family tools are supported and the BOM module is designed to understand multiple part numbers within the same physical tool.


Accurate & Reliable Sales Quotes

Whether new opportunities are requested in person, over the phone, by email or via DELMIAWORKS’ customer web portal, it is vitally important that sales quotes and estimates can be provided quickly and accurately.

DELMIAWORKS takes into account all aspects of the operational process including raw material, overhead, labour, outsourced operations, commission calculations and any miscellaneous fees. As the software is designed on a single database, the quote is based on true expected costs, including tooling and equipment amortisation, material price comparisons and many more.

Once approved, a quote can be quickly and easily converted into a Bill of Material / Bill of Manufacturing and sales order at the click of a button.

Accurate & timely job process costing information

Enable senior management to make informed business decisions with DELMIAWORKS’ powerful job and process costing module, which provides timely and accurate costing intelligence about your production, pricing, process efficiency and more across small and large manufacturing runs.

By tracking all the costs associated with an individual manufacturing process or item, such as raw materials, personnel, equipment and outsourced operations, you can identify and analyse the true costs and profits across you business.

Data is collected from other operational areas in real-time to empower you to monitor and interrogate costs and variances as and when they occur. You can drill-down into transactional details to see any supporting information from other departments such as sales, purchasing, warehouse, orders and more.

A proactive approach to manufacturing-critical issues

Take a proactive approach to your business activity monitoring with DELMIAWORKS’ highly customisable, query-based reminder and event notification system, IQAlert.

IQAlert evaluates business and manufacturing critical data in your enterprise and turns it into actions and advisory notices before issues become an issue.

Alerts can be sent as a text message, email, printed report or launching configurable processes, IQAlert can send messages on anything related to the DELMIAWORKS ecosystem. Alerts can be ‘time’ driven, for example, you need to update the production schedule, schedule reports to print, perform an employee review etc., or ‘event’ driven, for example, inventory is falling below a predefined level, jobs affected by material shortages or changes in an order release, etc.

DELMIAWORKS' manufacturing features include:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Bills of Material/Routings
  • Quoting/Estimating
  • Process Costing


  • Assembly Line Processing
  • Equipment Automation
  • Material Management
  • Preventative Maintenance


  • Production Orders
  • Production Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Tool Tracking

Software built for manufacturing to accelerate growth

Process and discrete manufacturers across the globe have been taking advantage of DELMIAWORKS to drive growth. Read more in the success stories highlighted below to learn how they’ve reduced inventory costs, eliminated downtime, controlled quality, automated their plant floors and gained visibility throughout their supply chain.


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