Infor understands Manufacturing: Software Options for Resource Planning, Supply Chain & Lifecycle Management.

Business-critical applications designed and built specifically for the manufacturing environment, delivered either on-premise or as a Cloud service.

Infor Manufacturing Software

  • Purpose built to meet the needs of manufacturers
  • On-premise and CloudSuite software options
  • Solve complex issues issues such as co-products & by-products; formula matching & optimisation; tank scheduling; and regulatory compliance

Built on decades of experience in your manufacturing sector

With comprehensive industry suites, Infor ERP systems, supply chain management, and product lifecycle management applications don’t require customisation to meet the needs of your business.

They already deliver industry-specific functionality and support processes that are critical to your manufacturing sector.

We’re the only accredited Infor LX & BPCS partner for the UK & Ireland

Proximity is the only accredited Infor LX and BPCS partner in the UK and Ireland. We’re also Infor’s partner of choice for managed services , including hosting, for IBM i based solutions across all release levels ranging from BPCS V2 through to the latest release of Infor LX… and beyond.

We also support a number of organisations with their Infor ERP requirements across Europe.

Proximity has over 30 years of experience in implementing and integrating new and existing Infor ERP solutions for manufacturers in the food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, automotive, process, discrete and mixed-mode manufacturing industries.

Our Infor ERP team can help organisations meet the challenge of better managed production, improving operational efficiency, driving growth, reducing risk, meeting customer demand and satisfying regulatory requirements.

Proximity adds value to your organisation through continuity and a deep understanding of your manufacturing needs. Our experienced consultants implement and integrate enterprise solutions, support the optimisation of business processes, manage projects as well as providing strategic business consulting services.

We have been able to develop long-standing relationships with our customer base which demonstrates our ability to offer complete solutions for new and existing clients and deliver comprehensive implementation, development, enhancement and ongoing support services.

Organisations can choose from a selection of deployment options to reduce the total cost of ownership and risk by opting to run their Infor system as a Managed Service either on premise or offsite.

Infor LX & BPCS Managed Services and Support

It is vital your business critical applications and infrastructure are properly managed. Our Managed Services and Support ensures your Infor LX and BPCS applications are managed effectively, efficiently and aligned to your business objectives. Whether on premise, hosted or via the cloud our range of enterprise-level managed services and support have been designed specifically to support Infor LX and BPCS applications, regardless of industry sector or business size.

Proximity delivers guaranteed service levels, strict business continuity guidelines and a platform from which to give your organisation greater agility:

  • New implementations of LX
  • Upgrades and enhancements to BPCS and LX
  • Migration of third party applications to LX
  • Integrating LX or BPCS with complementary solutions
  • Upgrading BPCS to LX
  • Support and Helpdesk Management
  • Remote Systems Management
  • IBM i infrastructure configuration, operations and management
  • EDI implementation and management data management
  • Training.


Infor System 21 ERP Support, Maintenance & Services

Proximity is an accredited Infor Channel Partner in the UK and Ireland.

With a team of System 21 ERP software specialists providing managed services, support, maintenance and modernisation. We provide services to a wide-range of organisations covering their business-critical Infor System 21 ERP software requirements across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

IT teams are increasingly challenged to achieve more with less, without reducing the quality of service and maintain focus on the needs of the business. This is a particular challenge for organisations running business critical Infor System 21 applications, recruiting and retaining skills in proprietary technologies, managing complex IT infrastructures and dealing with support issues.

Proximity provides enterprise-class solutions, including hosting, to support Infor System 21 for businesses of all sizes, delivering improved service levels and enhanced business agility across all release levels. With over 30 years experience across Infor’s ERP solutions, we can help IT teams meet the challenge of better-managed production, improving operational efficiency, driving growth, reducing risk, meeting customer demand and satisfying regulatory requirements across a wide range of mixed-mode manufacturing sectors including food and beverage and fashion.

Our Infor System 21 specialists can add value to your existing IT team by providing service continuity and a deep understanding of your manufacturing operations and requirements. Our experienced ERP consultants can provide day-to-day project management, consultancy, optimisation of manufacturing processes, implementation and integration of enterprise applications with System 21, analysis, modernisation and support skills so you can retain all that is good about System 21 (and the IBM i).

Whether on premise or hosted our range of enterprise-level managed services and support have been designed specifically to support Infor System 21 applications, regardless of industry sector or business size. Proximity delivers guaranteed service levels, strict business continuity guidelines and a platform from which to give your organisation greater agility.

Infor System 21 Managed Infrastructure Services & Support

Proximity provides a range of managed infrastructure services including remote managed services for customers requiring data backup, offsite archiving and hosting.

For clients running System 21 applications, we can host and support legacy AS400 / iSeries infrastructure running V5R4, V6R1 and V7R1 operating systems, managed by an experienced team delivering improved continuity, reduced support costs and improved administration. Our flexible and resilient hosting includes operating system support, disaster recovery, backup, security and network connectivity.

Managed infrastructure services include:

  • Customised continuity management
  • Storage
  • Capacity management
  • Support and Helpdesk Management
  • Remote Systems Management
  • IBM i infrastructure configuration, operations and management

Our service gives you the ability to free up capital expenditure and valuable IT resources, allowing you to focus on other business functions.

Infor System 21 Application Services

Our team of experienced Infor consultants, provide support and development for Infor System 21, as well as EDI and archiving. Proximity application services help to deliver improvements and implement new functionality to meet your changing business demands, including:

  • System 21 configuration
  • Data content management
  • Data set administration
  • Audit management
  • Archiving
  • Migration of third party applications to System 21
  • EDI implementation and management
  • Training

Infor System 21 Integrations

Our experience extends to delivering major integration projects to link customers’ System 21 with other specialist third-party applications, helping manufacturers maintain competitive advantage:

  • Web-based sales order management
  • Business intelligence
  • Data warehouse
  • CRM
  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer websites
  • Third party logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Transport management systems, including STREAM deliver and logistics management software
  • Document management systems.


Reduce the time spent performing key Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes

Infor Optiva is a best-in-class product lifecycle management (PLM) solution designed specifically for process manufacturers.

Simply meeting demand is not enough in competitive global markets. In order to bring new products to the market, grow revenue and compete with other manufacturers, you need tools to enable you to accelerate product development cycle times, while at the same time ensure you comply with all regulations in each country.

Seamlessly integrating with you existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, including SAP, Infor Optiva PLM helps you to meet these challenges by providing a cohesive platform with a single product record for unifying all data and processes across your entire organisation, regardless of how complex or dispersed.

With over 30 years PLM experience, Infor is widely recognised as a market leader in developing PLM solutions for process manufacturers. Infor Optiva delivers deep functionality specifically for food, beverage, chemical or life science manufacturers including formulation modelling and least-cost formulation.

Why Infor Optiva PLM?

  • Promotes collaboration across your organisation to deliver faster (and better) innovation
  • Improve visibility across the enterprise to significantly reduce the time spent on new product development and introduction (NPDI)
  • User interface delivers flexible, east-to-use environment that promotes productivity
  • Reduce costs and improve quality and compliance by improving materials and enablement processes
  • Simplify new material and rationalisation processes
  • Meet target product specifications at the lowest cost while meeting compliance requirements via via formulas, recipes, packaging, finished goods, application, and at-home recipe simulation and modeling capabilities
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system, including SAP.

Request a demonstration of Infor Optiva PLM and find out how you can dramatically improve time to market, reduce costs and improve quality and certification processes.


All the advantages of Infor SyteLine, deployed on the Cloud

Infor CloudSuite Process Manufacturing is a complete solution for small to medium sized food and beverage process manufacturers. The solution is designed to meet the unique challenges of the sector including shelf-life issues for raw materials and finished goods; tightening regulatory requirements; seasonal, fluctuating demand and supply; yield; attribute management; co-products; bi-products; safety and quality; and physical asset management.

Providing industry-specific functionality, CloudSuite Process Manufacturing has a superior speed of implementation and, being a cloud solution, upgrades and expansions are fast and require less involvement. CloudSuite Process Manufacturing is based on the industry-leading ERP solution from Infor, SyteLine.

Core Functionality

  • Quality and production: shop floor scheduling and tools for lean production; compliance regardless of complexity of regulation; sophisticated program management.
  • Customer relationship management: complete view of customer activities; detailed tracking of transactions.
  • Product development: product lifecycle management; design, engineering and development tools; product configuration.
  • Supply chain visibility: source raw materials for lower costs; quick product delivery across the supply chain; advanced procurement tools.
  • Planning and inventory: scheduling tools for every process; supports engineer-to-order (ETO) and service parts; production management for high volume.
  • Analytics and reporting: comprehensive range of pre-built reports; modern interface and tools for greater productivity.

Why Infor Cloudsuite Process Manufacturing?

  • Enables manufacturers to fulfill customer demands, profitably.
  • Cost-effective solution that provides industry functionality out-of-the-box.
  • Implementations take a matter of months, rather than years.
  • Delivers the duel benefit of productivity gains and better cost visibility.
  • Always access the most up-to-date functionality and technology innovations.
  • Improved operational efficiency due to industry specific planning and scheduling functionality.


All the advantages of industry-leading, Infor M3 deployed on the Cloud

Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage has all the right ingredients for small to medium sized food and beverage manufacturers and the flexibility to continually meet your needs as you grow. The solution provides the tools to solve the most common challenges of the food industry including shelf-life, yield, attribute management and asset management.

In addition, CloudSuite Food & Beverage is flexible so you can add new functionality including product lifecycle management and advanced traceability and recall management. Being a cloud solution, upgrades and expansions are fast and require less involvement.

Core Functionality

  • Manufacturing operations: forecasting and demand planning; production scheduling and planning; management of seasonality and product shelf-life.
  • Supply chain management: visibility of raw materials and ingredient inventory; end-to-end tracking and traceability; distribution and warehouse management.
  • Product development: recipe and least cost formulation; quality management and label compliance; product lifecycle management.
  • Financial management: accounting, budgeting and reporting; visibility across multiple sites; multi-currency and multi-country support.
  • Analytics and reporting: comprehensive range of pre-built reports; modern interface and tools for greater productivity.

Why Infor Cloudsuite Food and Beverage?

  • Most complete yet flexible food and beverage cloud solution, built with the knowledge gained from over 1,500 implementations globally.
  • Ensure compliance due to recipe management, label compliance and end-to-end traceability
  • 30% reduction in inventory levels, 50% increase in warranty cost recovery, 50% reduction in purchasing process costs
  • Reduced cost of ownership as data is stored offsite – no need for expensive servers and hardware.
  • Always access the most up-to-date functionality and technology innovations.
  • Start to use the solution and tailoring your business processes immediately.


Improve performance and profitability by optimising supply chain plans – at the lowest total cost

Infor Advanced Planning is a best-in-class, highly configurable and scalable supply chain planning solution that allows you to take a holistic view of your supply chain and determine the optimal scenario based on specific business goals. It creates the best supply chain for your business, calculating the trade-offs so you have an optimised plan that satisfies all your constraints and makes the best use of your assets while minimising costs. The solution helps improve performance and profitability by optimising manufacturing and supply chain plans while determining the lowest total supply chain cost.

Completely configurable, Infor Advanced Planning is extremely flexible and can be configured to your business to solve specific manufacturing and supply chain challenges and constraints. The application operates alongside other Infor ERP solutions, your bespoke ERP systems as well as a host of third-party ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle and MfgPro.

Not only does Infor Advanced Planning optimise all aspects of the supply chain including manufacturing, sourcing, inventory, distribution, labour and warehousing, but also models unique characteristics such as least cost formulation and blend optimisation to determine the most profitable solution.

Infor Advanced Planning solves complex business issues like determining what the most profitable mix of ingredients are to put into a formula, while at the same time considering FDA minimum and maximum constraints, or determining the optimal way to disassemble a chicken when you only have demand for breasts or wings. The software gives you the competitive advantage to achieve profitability and increase overall market share.

Why Infor Advanced Planning?

  • Planning engine considers all resources and capacity constraints simultaneously in the creation of achievable, optimised supply chain plans
  • Powerful scenario and ‘what-if’ analysis before committing to a final decision
  • Flexible object modeller accurately simulates any cost or constraint
  • Resulting plans secure lowest total supply chain cost
  • Adheres to all “hard” constraints and trades off violation of ‘soft’ constraints
  • Plans variable horizons: operational planning (daily / weekly), tactical planning (weekly / monthly), yearly strategic planning
  • Operates alongside Infor ERP systems, bespoke ERP applications and third-party ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle and MfgPro.


Delivering production schedule optimisation for process and complex manufacturing operations

It’s a fact of life that manufacturers who mix, blend, brew, cook, react, or distill face different scheduling challenges from those in other industries—challenges that aren’t met by conventional ERP planning software or assembly-based scheduling systems.

Infor Advanced Scheduling operates alongside other Infor ERP solutions, your bespoke ERP systems as well as a host of third-party ERP solutions including SAP, Oracle and QAD.

Infor Advanced Scheduling is a sophisticated, constraint-based scheduling solution that addresses these differences, including the real-world challenges of managing the capacity of vessels, tanks and production lines — and the flow of product between them.

Infor Advanced Scheduling combines constraint-led logic with powerful optimisation to simultaneously schedule all operations across all your production lines. Advanced Scheduling can include any interdependencies you may have in your process manufacturing production processes to deliver a completely synchronised schedule right down to the minute.

Unlike conventional ERP planning software or assembly-based scheduling systems, Infor Advanced Scheduling enables food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and consumer goods manufacturers to deal with recipes, by-products, co-products and yield losses more efficiently.

Why Infor Advanced Scheduling?

  • Realistic and feasible production scheduling
  • Made to stock and made to order process management
  • Optimised and constrained by capacity, tools, materials and labour
  • Optimum production sequencing minimising unproductive time
  • Management of volume constrained resources, including tanks and vessels
  • Command of both continuous and batch flow environments
  • Increase process manufacturing efficiencies and reduce waste
  • Intuitive, graphical interactive Gantt chart with intelligent signalling
  • Manage shelf-life and maturation times
  • Co-exists with any ERP system providing advanced shop floor scheduling.

Customers who have implemented Infor Advanced Scheduling have benefited from improvements to their bottom-line, including increased on-time delivery performance, reduced lost time due to changeovers, reduced production costs and increased capacity utilisation.


Ensure your operations produce the best possible business results by balancing demand & supply

Plan for profit by tying together your strategic business plan with your operational plan with Infor Sales and Operations Planning (Infor S&OP). Real-time information on demand, supply and finances drives supply chain efficiency and business profitability. Speed up decision and measure the impact of your decisions immediately.

Infor Sales and Operations Planning empowers your organisation’s decision makers to arrive at a single, unified operational plan that profitably matches supply with demand and aligning the plan with the organisations business strategy.

Producing the very best business results are achieved by providing a holistic framework to balance customer demand with supply through key financial measures and numerous ‘what if’ scenarios on both sides of the equation. Infor Sales and Operations Planning software mean you can develop the best plan to meet customer service and financial targets while being agile enough to respond to fluctuating market demand.

Designed specifically for distributors and manufacturers, Infor Sales and Operations Planning works with your ERP and supply chain planning software bringing visibility, insight and clarity into all aspects of your actual demand, inventory, production and supplier plans.

Why Infor S&OP?

  • Balance demand and supply across your entire enterprise
  • Run a host of ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Effectively and efficiently supports your S&OP processes
  • Import data from multiple sources as a common information system for ‘deep analysis
  • Synchronise monetary forecasts and unit forecasts for better decision making
  • Single platform for forecasting across all functional areas
  • Measure key performance indicators continuously
  • Integrates with any ERP solution.


How Infor has helped other manufacturers

Two ERP systems may have the exact same list of functionality, but behave entirely differently depending on the industry-sector they are applied to. Read the case studies to learn how other manufacturers have used Infor to report significant productivity improvements that keep their costs down and margins up.

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