Once you’ve had a sales quote confirmed, you want to get that order into production as fast as possible

Move beyond a simple order management system by giving users the ability to access the rest of DELMIAWORKS such as production details, inventory, previous shipments, production scheduling and amend orders at the click of the mouse.

Users can instantly convert sales quotes to sales orders regardless of whether they have been received externally through the web, or entered internally.

When creating work orders, DELMIAWORKS’ uses the Available-to-Promise (ATP) and Capable-To-Promise (CTP) functionality to check both open orders and inventory. This ensures that only the parts needed (as indicated on the sales quote) are produced.

Flexible pricing and discount options enables you to apply pricing by tiers, specific customer and other discount terms.

Powerful analytics tools help you identify sales trends and profitability by product, business unit, customer and sales person.

Making to quote to order to production process faster

  • Create & manage orders from a single screen
  • Faster & more efficient quote to order as no need to re-key information
  • Eliminate data entry errors
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Getting the sales order to delivery process done better

By working in combination with other parts of DELMIAWORKS, sales orders get processed faster (and more accurately) so you can ensure the right products are manufactured in the right quantities – and then shipped to the right right customer on time, every time.



Maintain positive customer & supplier relationships

Successful businesses know that the better the relationship, the easier it is for them to conduct business and generate revenue.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems give manufacturers the opportunity to replace tools, such as spreadsheets, which fall short functionally in many areas as a business scales. A fully integrated CRM system can drive greater efficiency by replacing manual processes, while at the same time enable multiple departments in a business to interact and collaborate with customers, suppliers and vendors across the entire lifecycle.

DELMIAWORKS gives you the tools to manage those interactions and relationships. All the way from the initial marketing campaign through to each sales contact and customer support call, DELMIAWORKS captures, manages and tracks the details of every customer, partner and vendor interaction across the entire business in a single system.

You can link and drill down into other information held in DELMIAWORKS including BOMs, inventory, orders, shipping management, invoice, purchase orders, support issues, warranties, service tracking and many more.

Not in the office? No problem.

No matter where you are, DELMIAWORKS gives you access to real-time customer information and quotes, open tasks, contact details, inventory and workflow information on any mobile device.

Process transactions & orders more efficiently

For many manufacturers, being able to process business transactions by electronic data interchange (EDI) is now a prerequisite for being able to do business.

DELMIAWORKS enables you to exchange critical business data easily, streamlining business transactions, eliminate costly and inefficient manual data entry as well as deliver exceptional customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

What’s more, there are no cumbersome third party applications to manage. Instead, EDI is seamlessly embedded in DELMIAWORKS with two-way hands-off information exchange, which translates incoming data directly into the ERP and then automatically generates outgoing data files for transfer back to your customers and suppliers, including Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs).

  • Directly generates outbound data transfers in trading partner format
  • Business data integrity protected as business rules generate exception documents
  • True supply chain management functionality through two-way EDI messages support
  • Adheres to a wide range of manufacturing sectors supply chain business practice
  • Supports a wide rage of file formats including ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Odette, XML, CSV, VDA and flat-file
  • Any VAN or web-based communication supported
  • FTP transmissions and receipt of files supported.

DELMIAWORKS can also provide you with an EDI value added network (VAN), which provides a secure, reliable service for connectivity, transmission and integration of all electronic business transactions to remove any risks associated with the EDI value chain.

You can manage and add new transaction sets as DELMIAWORKS supports an extensive library of transaction set mappings plus an intuitive template mapping tool. And, if we do not currently have the transaction set, then DELMIAWORKS can develop it for you.

Working alongside the EDI module, DELMIAWORKS also has unique eServer functionality, which has been designed to save you time and reduce manual interaction. eServer enables continuous, automatic background processing of inbound and outbound EDI transactions. It is set up as a separate server.


Tools in DELMIAWORKS' order management include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • EDI Exchange
  • Order Management
  • Multiple Price Books
  • Sales Analysis
  • Product Configuration
  • Release Accounting
  • Sales Commission Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Intuitive Order Entry UI
  • Sales Quotations
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Web Portals
  • Access via mobile device

Get confirmed orders into production faster with DELMIAWORKS

Read the case studies below to learn how DELMIAWORKS customers have converted sales quotes into orders instantly at the click of their mouse – and then managed production in the most efficient and cost-effective way to maximise profits.


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