What makes Bill of Materials (BOMs) in DELMIAWorks so unique for manufacturers?

Watch to learn how DELMIAWorks’ Bills of Materials (BOMs) are not only the starting point for manufacturing, but they’re flexibility means you can handle almost unlimited manufacturing processes. See how BOMs have a direct impact on production scheduling and planning and how by including factors such as cycle times, runner and sprue weights, regrind percentages and material requirements, you can create accurate schedules that ensure that your production runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Schedule Planning in DELMIAWorks

How DELMIAWorks scheduling & production planning help you meet customer demands on time, every time

In this video you’ll see how DELMIAWorks takes production scheduling and planning to the next level. See how DELMIAWorks let’s you update and optimise your production schedules in real-time (rather than a few times a week) so you can respond instantly to internal and external events impacting your manufacturing operation.

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Document Control in DELMIAWorks

Create a paperless shop floor and meet the strictest industry requirements with DELMIAWorks

Watch to learn why document control in DELMIAWorks is the perfect solution for manufacturers wanting to deliver a paperless shop floor AND achieve even the strictest industry compliance standards. DELMIAWorks provides a central and secure repository to control your manufacturing and quality documents. Link documents to customers, vendors, BOMs, inventory, and so much more.

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Manage all your resources and requirements to meet manufacturing demand AND maintain lean inventory levels at the same time

Find out how DELMIAWorks’ MRP (material resource planning) module enables you to take into account all aspects of your production planning and manufacturing processes to meet customer demand, whilst keeping inventory levels as lean as possible. You’ll learn how DELMIAWorks assesses material availability vs. manufacturing schedules vs. current demand to deliver on time, every time.



Continually measure and track the performance of your production machines to take back complete control of your shop floor

Learn how DELMIAWorks enables you to follow every job in real-time as they move through your schedule through production. With production monitoring from DELMIAWorks you’ll be able to view every single work centre’s performance as it happens for critical indicators such as parts created, rejects, remaining production and cavitation changes so you can identify poor machine performance before it becomes a real issue.



Monitor the performance of your production processes to gain actionable insights and prevent issues that are going to cost your business money

Achieve true hands-off data capture and analysis of your shop floor machines with DELMIAWorks’ Real-Time Manufacturing Process Monitoring. Watch the video to learn how you can analyse trends throughout your production processes to improve quality and reduce the costs associated with defects, rejects, returns and rework.


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