Access IBM i applications on-the-go, wherever and whenever you need them with Newlook Server

Customers of Newlook Server are able to access IBM i applications from any device (including mobile devices), so long as it supports a browser – this is made possible, by supporting composite applications, and generating HTML5 zero-deployment user interfaces.

By building on Newlook Developer’s dynamic architecture, Newlook Server can:

  • Easily modernise your existing 5250 applications – whether or not you have source code for them
  • Use RPG Open Access to extend existing applications and build, without 5250/DDS limits
  • Infinitely scale, with no effect on IBM i workloads
  • Support all modern devices and browsers, with a zero-deployment HTML5 User Interface
  • Connect together all the components making up composite applications, with an integration layer.

One step web enablement
No additional development effort is required when you deliver existing applications to the web using Newlook Server’s simple, out-of-the-box solution. Multiple, disparate applications can be integrated with web services, allowing you to present a unified web-based interface on any browser. You can also fully customise applications, with support for HTML5, RPG Open Access and CSS3 styling.

Both web and native apps

There’s no need to choose between web and native applications. Newlook Server offers all the benefits of a native application: offline access, full device integration, and rich styling and functionality options. Everything is optimised via the same simple IDE though, with templates for all the popular smartphones and tablets, so you don’t need to develop a separate solution for each device. You get all the flexibility associated with web delivery, too.

Serving your enterprise

Using in conjunction with Newlook Developer, Newlook Server is the best way to make specific functions of your applications available via the web. With Newlook Server, you have the power to simultaneously serve thousands of users, as well as supporting enterprise applications into the future.

Enabling desktop & mobile interfaces for IBM i
Deliver web and mobile interfaces for IBM i applications, with Newlook Server. Applications look good and work, with more power and simplicity.

What Newlook Server can help you to achieve:

Quick & easy web enablement

Instantly deliver your existing ibm I applications to the web with newlook server’s out-of-the-box solution – no additional development required.

Combined web & native apps

Native apps offer full integration, offline access, & rich styling, but web delivery gives unrivalled flexibility. Combine the two, with newlook server.

Serve your entire enterprise

Together, Newlook server and Newlook Developer let you quickly and easily make specific functions of your applications available via the web.

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