If you’re thinking about converting CA 2E Code to Java on IBM i, don’t make another move before you’ve read this whitepaper from our partners Fresche Solutions.

What are the advantages of modernising CA 2E (Synon) on IBM i?

Despite being one of the most successful 4GL tools in IBM i, CA 2E (Synon) can no longer meet the scope and capabilities required of the modern business environment. Your business may have made a considerable investment in the design, evolution and fine-tuning of your CA 2E. By modernising your CA 2E (Synon) to Java , you can take advantage of your existing code, instead of discarding it completely.

Why convert CA 2E to Java?

Even besides the business and financial advantages of converting and modernising code instead of implementing entirely new systems, there are good reasons to convert your CA 2E (Synon) specifically. Thanks to the highly useful design model of CA 2E, it is perfectly suited for a quick and painless conversion to Java. Fresche’s X-2E Modernise solution converts and generates native, object-oriented Java code in an MVC Design pattern with RESTful interaction.

How does IBM evaluate the Java code converted from CA 2E by Fresche?

The IBM systems lab evaluated the maintainability of the Fesche Java code created by the X-2E Modernise solution in early 2016. They evaluated the maintainability of the generated code against four specific criteria:

  • Quality of the generated code
  • Maintainability/style of the generated code
  • The architecture of the transformed application
  • Quality of the generates interface

Download the whitepaper to read more about converting CA 2E Code to Java on IBM i.



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