How ERP software & automation can provide assembly manufacturers with significant competitive advantage

Do you know exactly what ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is? As an assembly manufacturer you may have heard or ERP software, but remain unsure whether it will be a good fit for your business.

Some of the common myths and objections surrounding the adoption of ERP software for assembly manufacturers are debunked in this whitepaper, including:

  • “ERP software is no use for assembly manufacturers, it only works for discrete processes”
  • “My organisation is too small for a manufacturing ERP system to have any effect – we’re doing just fine with spreadsheets”
  • “Implementing and running an ERP system requires dedicated IT staff. I don’t have the resources for that level of support and customisation.”

Don’t be fooled by these ERP myths!

Download this whitepaper from IQMS to improve your understanding of how ERP software can give even the smallest assembly manufacturers a distinct competitive advantage.

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