16th January 2020

How real-time operations management is transforming automotive manufacturing

Manufacturing Operations Management by DELMIAWORKS

Pressure is intensifying on automotive manufacturers and their suppliers to be ever more agile, responsive and lean.

Electric, connected and autonomous vehicles; new emissions targets; stricter quality and compliance standards; and customers increasingly demanding greater vehicle customisation are just some of the issues facing manufacturers.

What must not be forgotten in an industry where new manufacturing technology delivered through robotics, automation, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence is so often described as the definitive future is the place of small and mid-market suppliers.

Dassault Systèmes, who last year acquired mid-market ERP System and real-time production monitoring (MES) software, IQMS (now known as DELMIAWORKS) present a vision for automotive manufacturing where small and mid-market manufacturers and suppliers flourish within a highly efficient, collaborative and agile supply chain which is robust and resilient.

This vision is dubbed the ‘Industry Renaissance’. Dassault has produced a video which encapsulates the idea of this renaissance:

‘In the Age of Industry Renaissance it is time to empower the workforce of the future’

At the heart of this small and mid-market manufacturer ‘ecosystem’ is software which is human-centric, rather than purely driven by machines.

Real-time, event-driven manufacturing operations management helps these small and mid-market manufacturers:

  • Manage the very heart of the business: the shop floor: the rate of production, the cost of production, the actual availability of finished goods
  • Adapt to frequent technology and demand changes through better integration with engineering and product design (think SOLIDWORKS integration with DELMIAWORKS)
  • Build-in business resilience
  • Grow faster than competitors
  • Promote ‘knowledge workers’ rather than AI-driven businesses. The leading manufacturers will be those that promote and empower the workforce of the future
  • Attract more young people to the sector to bridge the skills gap
  • Ensure financial control and provide operational visibility
  • Improve decision making across the entire business.

“We’re experiencing a global Industry Renaissance today, bringing new ways – real and virtual – of seeing the world, inventing, learning, producing and trading. Tomorrow’s game-changers will not be those with the most automated production systems, but those who build a culture of knowledge and know-how to reveal and train the Workforce of the Future, able to solve the challenges of a planet lacking sustainable solutions”.

Bernard Charlès, Vice-Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Dassault Systèmes

You can learn more about the ‘Industry Renaissance’ on the Dassault Systèmes 3D EXPERIENCE platform website

How DELMIAWORKS is helping automotive manufacturers stay ahead

Dassault describes a world where Industry 4.0 is a movement of yesterday, whereas digitalisation is the driver for today.

And as for tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the world for makers and innovators.

Trend Technologies, Mullingar, Ireland

Trend Technologies supplies precision injection moulded components and assemblies through various Tier 1 manufacturers for leading automotive brands including Jaguar Land Rover, Triumph, Volvo, Renault, BMW, Saab, Ford, Fiat and Honda.

Learn how Trend has moved from purely supplying customers requiring high production volumes from a low number of products to more and more higher-value complex product parts for both new and existing customers.

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Nissen Chemitec, USA

Nissen Chemitec produces high-quality plastic injection moulded parts to automotive manufacturers including Honda, Toyota Motor Company and Ford.

Learn how Nissen Chemitec have been able to use real-time production monitoring to capture and use shop floor data to assess critical operations including job status, machine performance, track downtime and view quality data so operators can quickly identify any issues before they get out of hand.

Read more about DELMIAWORKS/IQMS at Nissen Chemitec here.

Posted by Paul on 16th January 2020.