DELMIAWORKS customer testimonial: Eldon James Corporation

Eldon James manufactures plastic tubing and tubing connectors. They sell to various industries and markets, including medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automotive, pneumatic, and general industrial.

Eldon James Corporation ships millions of parts each month, to businesses in 40+ countries.

Using DELMIAWORKS (previously known as IQMS), they’ve been able to begin operating 24/7. The data taken from DELMIAWORKS has enabled them to add a completely automated third shift on top of their existing two manned shifts.

Marcia Coulson, president & CEO, said that:

“The benefits of DELMIAWORKS for our customers are many. We were really bogged down by multiple systems, so we’d have CRM in this little software package, we’d have QuickBooks and then we’d have multiple spreadsheets that were compensating for what we didn’t have, across the board. and then, thankfully, I found DELMIAWORKS. Having that knowledge of the industry was a huge benefit for our company. When I saw what DELMIAWORKS had to offer, I that that was the answer I’d been looking for”

Eldon James Corporation has seen a number of concrete benefits since implementing DELMIAWORKS:

  • On time shipping: Eldon James Corporation had previously shipped only 50% of their parts on-time, which was leading to serious consequences for their customers. Since implementing DELMIAWORKS, 98% of Eldon James’ parts are now shipped in time.
  • Fewer rejects: DELMIAWORKS has reduced Eldon James Corporation’s reject rate from 30% to 2%. Using data from DELMIAWORKS has allowed them to make improvements to quality in their manufacturing, through procedures, inspections and cosmetic improvements.
  • Better decision-making: With real-time data when they need it, and how they need it, Eldon James Corporations’ staff are able to better communicate with customers and with one another. Additionally, better, more accurate and more honest business decisions can be made with access to the right data.